A Reader Notes An MSM Coverup That Wouldn't Fool A Blind Man
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From: Carlos Rodriguez [Email him]

Yet another case of not mentioning the description of a minority thug.

In this article, there is no mention of any description:

Police say they are seeking a 29-year-old Philadelphia man and are asking the public for help finding him.

Police seek suspect in midday beating of blind man on Philadelphia street as witnesses look on, By Associated Press, October 10, 2013

Yet on the YouTube video linked in the story, the suspect is described as: black male, wearing a light baseball cap with a dark colored brim... Is it possible that the media has grown that timid?

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James Fulford writes: The YouTube video is from the City of Philadelphia's police force, and police forces always include racial descriptions. The funny thing is that the blind man who is the victim of this crime could probably have told you that his assailant is black, either from hearing his voice, or from the fact that everyone in the neighborhood is black. The MSM, in spite of the fact that police are "asking the public for help finding him", doesn't want to mention it.

Here's a static picture of a bystander looking on as someone kicks the blind man, and the description from the police—that the MSM can't be bothered to print.

Kicking a blind man while another man watches, and makes no protest.


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