A Skeptical Reader Writes Back
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Re: A Skeptical Reader Wonders If The Guilty Are Actually Innocent, After All
From: A Skeptical  Reader [Email him]

I really do appreciate that James Fulford took the time to write back. I will check out the links as I always like to investigate things fully. Also, I do love the VDARE.com website and have corresponded with Peter Brimelow and Joe Guzzardi. I hope Joe has fully recovered from his bout with pancreatitis.   Although most of my views lean towards the progressive stripe, like those of  Donald A. Collins, I have been banned from the DailyKos (said to be run by a former CIA agent) website for mentioning "uncomfortable truths".

In spite of my doubts about the Davis case, et cetera, I believe that the LA jury  correctly acquitted the cops in the Rodney King case  and that highly regarded Detroit police officers  Budzyn and Nevers  were framed for the killing of Malice Green.  The coroner clearly showed that this angry perp was loaded with cocaine in his body.

Anyhow, isn't it ironic that an Peter Brimelow, an immigrant, runs the best anti-immigration (or rather anti-overpopulation) website and that another immigrant, George Borjas, has painstakingly detailed the economic devastation that immigration causes?

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