A Skeptical Reader Wonders If The Guilty Are Actually Innocent, After All
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Re: James Fulford's article Troy Davis, Lawrence Brewer, Wyatt Matthews And The Disparate Death Penalty 

From: A Skeptical  Reader [Email him]

From what I have heard seven of the nine witnesses recanted their story concerning Troy Davis. We now know that Nicole Brown Simpson made a call at almost 11 o'clock on the night she was murdered; OJ was on a plane at that time. There is considerable doubt concerning Mumia Abu Jamal's conviction. As the great Paul Craig Roberts would tell you anyone can be convicted on the flimsiest of evidence.

James Fulford writes: I accept the existence of wrongful conviction, but deny it in these specific instances. If you want evidence in the Troy Davis case, see Ann Coulter's column, which I linked to in the article. [Cop-Killer Is Media's Latest Baby Seal, by Ann Coulter, September 21, 2011] It deals neatly with the recantation issue.   In Mumia's case, see the evidence at DanielFaulkner.com. (Faulkner [December 21, 1955 – December 9, 1981] was the officer Mumia shot.) As for OJ, if you want evidence in that case, you can read his own book If I Did It, in which he confessed.

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