A Skeptical Reader Wonders If The Guilty Are Actually Innocent, After All
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September 26, 2011, 03:32 AM
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Re: James Fulford`s article Troy Davis, Lawrence Brewer, Wyatt Matthews And The Disparate Death Penalty 

From: A Skeptical  Reader [Email him]

From what I have heard seven of the nine witnesses recanted their story concerning Troy Davis. We now know that Nicole Brown Simpson made a call at almost 11 o`clock on the night she was murdered; OJ was on a plane at that time. There is considerable doubt concerning Mumia Abu Jamal`s conviction. As the great Paul Craig Roberts would tell you anyone can be convicted on the flimsiest of evidence.

James Fulford writes: I accept the existence of wrongful conviction, but deny it in these specific instances. If you want evidence in the Troy Davis case, see Ann Coulter`s column, which I linked to in the article. [Cop-Killer Is Media`s Latest Baby Seal, by Ann Coulter, September 21, 2011] It deals neatly with the recantation issue.   In Mumia`s case, see the evidence at (Faulkner [December 21, 1955 – December 9, 1981] was the officer Mumia shot.) As for OJ, if you want evidence in that case, you can read his own book If I Did It, in which he confessed.