A Washington State Reader Thanks Us For Our Support For National Sovereignty
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Re: Fonte on “Global Governance"—John O’Sullivan’s Foreword to Sovereignty Or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves Or Be Ruled By Others?

From: An Anonymous Reader In Washington State [Email him]

I think that global governance is already farther along than most suspect—witness Agenda 21, a UN initiative which pushes "sustainable development"—already the agenda of planning departments and governing bodies throughout the country.

Efforts to wrest power from American voters have long been underway—already we have huge bodies of unelected bureaucrats, which like cancer cells do not suffer from the mortality of political administrations. Republican or Democrat administrations come or go, but the bureaucrats go on and on, increasingly making their own laws as regulations without regard for Congress or others elected by the American voter.

Another successful effort has been the increasing power of activist judges who again thwart the will of the people and are largely unaccountable.

VDARE.com, of course, documents the use of immigration to import a new and more dependent and manageable people with no knowledge, tradition, or cares about traditional American values such as individual liberty. New ethnic power blocks are created which are generally clients of the Democrat Party. We survived Black Power when blacks have been less than 20% of the population. But can we survive a Hispanic voting bloc as it becomes 20% and eventually a plurality? The whole nation may become a political machine like Chicago with little chance of being influenced by traditional Americans.

Although global governance bumps it up a step—taking power even farther out of the hands of the voters, I am not certain if a new principle is really involved. I have long thought that the future seems to be fascism—in which corporations and government are in bed together for mutual benefit. Corporatism is probably a more accepted term—it is less alarming and less apt to elicit denunciations of the writer's sanity. But fascism is not jackboots and goose stepping —it is a way that elites in government and business grow rich and powerful together by circumventing the equal application of laws. Algore seems to have mastered this technique raking in more than 100 million as the champion of global warming. Lesser players like Solyndra may fall by the wayside, but the fattest ones like GE and banksters like Goldman Sachs go on and on, regardless of which party is in power.


The military-industrial complex is old news, but the same principle is at work in many areas—like the revolving door between the FDA and drug companies. VDARE.com did an admirable job showing how Slick Rick Perry's immigration policies are aligned with the needs of his biggest donors. And, as VDARE.com predicted, I anticipate the elites will pull a new Perry out of the warehouse as this one self-destructs—maybe Christie.


The US is not alone in this process. I have long felt that the true government of China is now fascist—with major enterprises owned by those with party connections or even outright by the Red Army. So is global governance really a new thing, or just a reflection of the increase in power of multinational corporations over mere national ones? In any case, perhaps the Tea Party is the last gasp, the last chance for the ordinary American voter to influence the course of our nation. So far I have been disappointed by both the Tea Party (actually I suppose it should be Tea Parties as there is no one monolithic organization) and the candidates said to represent them. Neither Bachmann, nor Palin, nor Cain seems to be aware of the real dangers we are facing from corporate interests which favor cheap labor whether by immigration or outsourcing. Although the writing is on the wall showing how outsourcing not only lowers American wages, but also sends research, development, and our future prosperity overseas—no candidates seem to be reading it.


As always, keep up the great work. If only more Americans read VDARE.com, we would not have had to wait for Perry to self-destruct. My fear is that the next Perry pulled from the warehouse—such as Christie—will be more circumspect, and like Obama, be chosen before the average voter wakes up to his true values.

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