An Illinois Reader Wonders Who Cuts Rush Limbaugh’s Grass
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s blog post Limbaugh Goes Bad On Immigration. Again.

From: an Anonymous Reader In Illinois [Email him]

Yeah, I was listening to El Rushbo  (his words not mine) and he just made me sick!

 And if he’s afraid of his advertisers, how come John and Ken out of LA KFI radio seem to not have any problem at all reporting about illegal aliens.

His show’s a joke anyway because it seems as if he just puts people on who basically agree with him. He has no credibilityy with me.

I wonder who cuts his grass?

James Fulford writes: We asked a professional  knowledgeable about talk radio why Limbaugh might have more  to fear from advertisers than John and Ken and he wrote

“The conservative national shows have always had difficulty attracting buys from the advertising agencies who represent large national companies. They do not want the controversy that comes from their sponsorship. Local shows, on the other hand, are usually able to attract large local or regional advertisers. I think that is the difference.”

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