Another Reader Asks Why We Don’t Have Comments; Peter Brimelow Explains
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From: William [Email him] is a neat blog but won't bookmark it because you don't take comments. Same reason I spend very little time at Fox and NYT since they did away with comments. There's a lot to read and interacting with the article and others makes it more interesting and informative. Have a good day.

Peter Brimelow writes:  We’d like to allow comments because it would be an easy way to boost our traffic. But we just don’t have the resources to moderate and cull out agent provocateurs, trolls, obvious lunatics etc.

You can always write a letter, we post one every day, or like our FaceBook page, it is possible to comment there.

It  seems as if  Main  Stream Media outlets,  e.g. the New York Post  are cutting back on comments. MarketWatch says that half of their comments come from just 200 people, although their readership is in the millions. But I suspect the real reason is that so many comments are Politically Incorrect.

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