A Retired California Teacher And Environmentalist Calls For Less Immigration
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From: Carol Two Pines (e-mail her)

Re: Rosa Maria Sanchez's Today's Letter: A Mexican-American Thinks Allan Wall Is Too Soft On Mexico

I have been misidentified as Mexican or half-Mexican all my life although I am Italian and Native American.

I was born in California where Mexican Americans were and still are my neighbors, teachers, friends and colleagues. 

It's refreshing to find a citizen of Mexican descent like Sanchez who doesn't automatically believe that anti-immigrationists are xenophobic or racially motivated. 

As scientific evidence indicates, the U.S. is already overpopulated, and adding more immigrants legally or illegally and no matter their country of origin further degrades our land itself and diminishes our citizens' quality of life.

Opposition to immigration is not about Mexican nationals but about preserving our land and protecting it from overpopulation.

When I taught for the Stockton Unified School District in the 1990s, I was shocked at how many Southeast Asians our government allowed into California. I had an entire fourth grade class—32 students—who did not speak a word of English. 

Now those students are grown and many have large families of their own further setting back the cause of environmentalists.

Two Pines earned a B.A. in environmental studies from California State University, Sacramento and taught in Stockton for eight years, three of which were as an educator for Native American Indians. Currently, she is an artist whose work on environmental themes appears under the name of Cloud Basket.

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