A MD Reader Charges Gov. Martin O'Malley Breaks Federal Law By Abetting Illegal Immigration
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From: Steve Hampton (e-mail him)

Maryland has seen an extremely sharp rise in Illegal Immigration, thanks in part to pandering Governor Martin O' Malley.

O'Malley is closely involved with members of CASA de Maryland, a group that teaches illegal Immigrants how to avoid, evade and interfere with immigration investigations. This subversive organization also gets paid tax dollars to set up day labor sites that O'Malley supports directly and indirectly. Despite a state deficit, O'Malley somehow found $30 million for a CASA de Maryland "multicultural center."

Several members and former members of CASA de Maryland have been appointed to key positions in O'Malley's administration. With the REAL ID pending, O'Malley is working with CASA to develop a back door pseudo-ID permit to circumvent the intention of the REAL ID Act.

The governor's office has also set up a special race-based website devoted to Hispanic issues only. It posts alerts about in-state tuition for illegal aliens and updates on "English Only" legislation. See it here. See the Commission for Hispanic Affairs members here.

O'Malley has broken Federal law by knowingly encouraging Illegal Immigrants to migrate to Maryland and by refusing to enforce laws against illegal immigration.

Hampton maintains a website on illegal immigration and oversees a Yahoo Group dedicated to ending illegal immigration. His alternative e-mail address is here.

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