A Mexican-American Thinks Allan Wall Is Too Soft On Mexico
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From: Rosa Maria Sanchez (e-mail her)

I have been reading Wall's columns on VDARE.COM for about one year.

Wall tells the truth about Mexico without hysteria, excess, name-calling, or exaggeration. His writing always has a sense of fairness and reasonableness in its logic.

When I was married to a Mexican national, we ran a small business together doing check cashing and remittances. Our clients were predominantly Mexican with the occasional Central American or Cuban.

Because of my experiences, I have a pretty good idea of the immigration situation here in the US and also about how Mexicanos behave both in the US and Mexico. I'm in a position to say that Wall's writings about Mexico are the most accurate and honest writings I've ever read.

I wish more people—Anglo-Americans, Mexicanos, and Mexican-Americans alike—would read them. Lots of eyes would open. As we sometimes say, "La verdad no peca, pero si incomoda."  ("The truth is not a sin but it can be uncomfortable").

The only flaw in Walls' writing is that he's too easy on Mexicanos and Mexican-Americas. I say much harsher things about them than Wall does.

Sanchez has lived in Mexico and taught ESL in Arizona and New Mexico

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