A Reader Writes That The ECONOMIST Blames Blue-Collar Men For Their Own Unemployment—And Doesn't Mention Race Or Unemployment.
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From: Linda Thom [Email her]

The current issue of Economist's main article is about "weak males"—blue-collar men in First World economies..

The weaker sex

Blue-collar men in rich countries are in trouble. They must learn to adapt

May 30th 2015

The poster boy for "weak males" lives in Tallulah, Louisiana.[Manhood, May 30th 2015 ] Three quarters of the weaker males in 2010 in Tallulah, are black according to the US Census Bureau. Is there any mention of this in the feature article?

Well, no.

The second sentence in the article quotes a Tallulah woman. "They don't do nothin."

End of discussion. There is also no discussion of immigration.

James Fulford writes: A heavy driver of black, blue collar unemployment is immigration—blacks are displaced by Mexican cheap labor. When there was an immigration raid on a Howard Industries plant in Mississippi, American workers cheered the DHS employees leading the Mexican workers away in handcuffs. They were black American workers.


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