A Reader Writes On The Importance Of Ann Coulter's Book
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Re: Ann Coulter’s column Immigration Advocates Frightened By 99-Pound Blonde

From: A From: A Non-PC Airline Employee [Email him]  

I think one can't emphasize enough the value to American patriots of Miss Coulter's speaking out forcefully and intelligently about immigration.  As much as anyone reading this has time for, he should spread far and wide links to Ann's book and  the interview with Mr. Ramos.

It may be kind of harsh for people in the pundit world to hear, but here goes:  I think sometimes, among all the writing back and forth about, say, this pundit who just came out with a great rebuttal to the review of this other pundit's most recent two articles in defense of this other pundit who is full of crap…it can be forgotten that 99.5 % of the American people have never heard of any of these guys!   That is, unless one of them is on TV.

Now, I say that as someone who has not seen more than 50 hours of regular TV (other than The Office reruns and back-to-back Deathwish) in 15 years.  However, many people still use that idiot box, believe it or not.  Ann Coulter is on TV a lot, which is why her well-spoken truthful opinions on immigration are a major deal.

Now, after that harsh statement above about pundits, I will write two points:

  • The good news that things are changing due to the web, of course, and when one finds a good web site, like VDARE.com, he can get some truth.
  • The previous point also means that VDARE.com's work is very far from in vain, as you just need to get read enough to influence the "big guys" (or in this, case "hot 99-pound blondes"), which in this case I really believe you have.  Nice job!
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