A WASP Reader Writes On Why Whites Don’t React To Anti-White Rhetoric
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Paul Gottfried’s article Is Alana Massey, WASP Hater, TNR’s Token Decaying Protestant?

From: An Anonymous WASP Reader [Email him]

Paul Gottfried writes:

Of course I am critical of WASPs, but for a reason diametrically opposed to Massey’s: namely for being such wimps and for permitting themselves to be vilified without protest. Needless to say, American Jews or American blacks (taking two self-conscious ethnicities) would never allow themselves to be freely pummeled the way Massey goes after WASPs. They would be denouncing their slanderers through well-heeled organizations, with Main Stream Media support.
Go easy on us. I'll try to clear up the mystery.

White Christians don't feel the same sense of kinship felt by other ethnic groups. While being in the majority is advantageous in many ways, it does have its downsides. One such drawback is that White Americans are accustomed to thinking of themselves and each other as individuals and competitors, not as members of an extended family that's under siege. Because of this mindset, organizing for mutual benefit is an alien concept to most of them. Also, in the absence of ethnic solidarity, whites such as Massey feel no sense of remorse when they attack their own people for power, money or acceptance.

There are other hurdles, of course. Our values have failed to change with the times. American culture emphasizes self-reliance and individual achievement over teamwork and community. We're taught to remain tough and silent in the face of adversity and that complaining on our own behalf is a sign of weakness. A college student might like to report her professor for his anti-white rhetoric, but she's been conditioned by upbringing to make the best of such situations.

Nonwhites and Jewish people are not restrained by such stupidity and effortlessly organize for their own defense. Whites could re-examine these values, but that would require them to come together as a group.

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