A Hispanic Reader Defends Janet Murguía
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07/21/08 - A Reader Wonders Why The Candidates Want To Put Hispanic Illegals On A Path To Citizenship

Re: Joe Guzzardi's 06/06/08 - Janet Murguía: Multiple Amnesty Failures Have Unglued Her—Will She Lose Her Job, Too?

Martin Lopez <email> writes:

I came across Joe Guzzardi's June 6 article on Janet Murguía of National Council of La Raza. It was interesting, but way off on facts. Where did you folks get the idea that NCLR (La Raza) was losing influence? Did you know that both McCain and Obama are scheduled to speak there this month? When has a Presidential candidate ever spoken before V-Dare convention? That is perhaps for White supremacist candidates or maybe Tom Tancredo? Who by the way finished dead last for the Republican nomination.

You also stated that Murguía 's intention might be to get Lou Dobbs fired, I also don't agree. I watched that confrontation between Dobbs and Murguía and I think her real intention was expose Lou Dobbs as an opportunist jumping on the anti-immigration bandwagon to grab ratings. And also to have CNN stop using people such as Jim Gilchrist and others as so-called "immigration experts". In that she has succeeded. I haven't seen Jim Gilchrist interviewed on Lou Dobbs since.

I doubt CNN would fire Lou Dobbs since he still brings in big ratings for them. And I doubt that Ms. Murguía was unrealistic enough to believe that they would. Mr. Dobbs is a caricature. An orange-haired, flabby, Pillsbury dough-boy type. He would never be hired on mainstream TV, merely for his lack of good looks and his need to always shout over his guests. But cable television is more forgiving of his looks and lack of journalistic talent.

Ms. Murguía's goal I think is to have certain right-wing pundits and conservative radio stop using illegal immigration and Latino bashing to re-vive their dying careers.  I know that it's politically incorrect to bash Blacks or Jews nowadays (with good reason), but Latinos and Mexicans seem like a safe target for right-wingers. Also, the trying to pit Blacks against Latinos has become popular among you right-wingers.....which most Black and  Latino people are very much aware of. I'm not talking about the gangbangers, but just normal folks.

But as more Americans become less concerned about illegal immigration and more concerned about the economy, I hope right-wing pundits give this issue a rest. I'm sure Ms. Murguía and many know that illegal immigration was never the problem. It was the hateful rhetoric targeted at Latinos, legal or illegal. Illegal immigrants from Asia, Europe or Canada were always welcome by V-Dare and other right-wing organizations.  Don't you agree?

James Fulford writes: No, I don't agree. Not all Asians, Europeans, or Canadians are welcome, and not all Hispanics are unwelcome. What we've suggested is a moratorium—a pause in all immigration, regardless of race, creed, or color.

Of course, that applies to legal immigration—there's already a moratorium on illegal immigration: it's illegal.

VDARE.com doesn't have conventions, but if we did, and wanted Presidential Candidates to speak there, we might ask former Republican candidate Pat Buchanan, Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin, former Libertarian Party Candidate, and another contender for this year's Republican Nomination, Ron Paul, and of course, the aforementioned Tom Tancredo, who if he didn't win the nomination, succeeded in making the other candidates pay attention to the immigration issue. None of these candidates are "white supremacists"—they're what are called "patriots."

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