A Reader Wonders Why Illegals Have It So Good
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03/23/07 - A Reader Says Amnesty For Illegals Now Here Would Only Create A Demand For…More Illegals

From: Glenn Began

I keep hearing on TV NYC among others is a Sanctuary City. What does that mean? It means cops are not allowed to ask anyone about their immigration status or even report them to federal authorities (as if the authorities would do anything anyway!)  Now I ask you in all seriousness what idiot made up this rule? [VDARE.com Note: Probably Rudy Giuliani.] It just seems like no politician will stand up against illegal aliens. Instead they seek ways to make life easier for them.

Are the illegals signing their paychecks? I think not,  since the vast majority do not pay taxes! It's about time these politicians find out who the hell they are working for! Very few politicians have the political will to do anything about it and I cannot understand why. Why would you allow America to be over run by illegals? What do they hope to gain from this? Do they want us to become a third world country like Mexico? Why is Mexico a third world country? Because Mexicans live there.  The politicians both Dems and Republicans don't care. It's time we took America back!

But wait, the politicians say it's unfeasible, to expensive, overwhelming, to send 12,000,000 illegals back to Mexico. Allow me to prove them wrong.

About a month ago I was watching TV and they were talking about Paris Hilton being arrested for DWI. Now I could care less about Paris Hilton,  but the guy made an interesting point. More then 2,500,000 people are arrested for DWI in the US every year. I looked it up and according to MADD it's closer to 1,600,000. The point is, you are arrested, put in jail, then if you have the money you bond out. Your drivers license is suspended for probably a year. You will spend 5-10-15 thousand in attorney fees. Your insurance will go up. It will remain on your MVR report for 75 years. Now you are going to put these people through all this crap, tie up the courts, some of these cases can actually go on for a year or more. I'm not defending drunk driving. It's wrong. No question about it. But why are we so tough on DWI and have absolutely no time to arrest illegals?

This is astounding!  Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That's 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001 to Sept 11, 2006!  This is approximately 5 times the amount of people killed on 911 and all the soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. (A footnote—if you are arrested DWI and you are here illegally you are not  automatically deported back to Mexico.)

I guess this is of no concern. Evidently not. Illegals actually have more rights then we do. Try going to a hospital. The first words out of their mouth is "who do you have insurance with"? Unless you are an illegal then it goes like this "Please step in Mr. Gonzalez".

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