A Reader Says Amnesty For Illegals Now Here Would Only Create A Demand For…More Illegals
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03/22/07 - A Reader Says Immigration Reformers Are "Undercut" in "front-ended" presidential primaries

From: John C. Chapman

It's difficult to understand how any knowledgeable person could ever think that amnesty for the current 12 million illegal aliens would end our border problems. Any business that takes its manpower from the underground labor market depends on a large pool of exploitable workers.  

Amnesty would either reduce or completely remove that pool. As long as there is a demand for exploitable workers, there will have to be a way to refresh the pool of illegal aliens. The only way illegal immigration can be stopped is to enforce our current labor laws. If it costs an extra dollar for a pound of bacon, or an extra 10 dollars to have your lawn mowed, so be it.

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