Whorehouse Diversity Invades Nashville
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Poor Juan. Life can be tough in El Norte when you are fraudulently documented. All a Mexican can do work and drink. And drink. And drink.

And visit the local culturally appropriate whorehouse for a little lovin', courtesy of professionals who know how to talk nasty in Spanish. Aye, caramba!

Yes! It's a job Americans won't do! We've found one.

Unfortunately for citizens, the Mexicans have slyly located their sex parlors in residential neighborhoods, so American children are exposed to more diversity than their parents might like.

And law enforcement officers tasked with combating the illicit, highly organized businesses say Hispanic brothels are a growing problem in the Nashville area, where single, male immigrant laborers are creating a burgeoning demand for the services of female immigrant prostitutes. [...]

Unlike brothels operated from massage parlors or adult entertainment businesses, many Hispanic brothels are set up in regular homes or apartments, right in the middle of Nashville neighborhoods. That can pose a problem for adults and children who live in those areas and are exposed the business of prostitution, authorities said. [Hispanic brothels move in on Nashville, Nashville Tennessean 6/16/07]

Yep, it's another item for the Unintended Consequences file. Open borders lead to Mexican whorehouses in Nashville suburbs.

El Presidente Bush strikes again!

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