A Southern Reader Wonders If National Guard Is Recruiting Aliens
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01/22/07 - A Reader Wonders If Houston Is Recruiting Police In Mexico

Re: A Reader Wonders If Houston Is Recruiting Police In Mexico

From: A Southern Reader

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Houston were recruiting police in Mexico. Anything could happen in a place that sends the likes of Sheila Jackson Lee to Congress. (Watch this woman, I think she's a Chairwoman on some House Immigration Committee) I was shocked at reading the 1981 L.A. Times paragraph below this VDARE.COM's reader's letter about how California Highway Patrolmen don't have to be U.S. citizens, only legal residents.

A couple of weeks ago while driving through central NC I caught a Spanish language radio spot on an FM Mexican format station that was a recruiting ad for the North Carolina National Guard.  It talked about requirements and benefits and this and that and the other, but not a single word about citizenship requirements.

The closing line (translated from Spanish) on the radio spot was:  "You must be willing to defend against those who would attack our way of life."  


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