A Reader Wonders How A Guy Named Razib Gets Fired For White Supremacy
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Re: John Derbyshire's blog post Razib Khan Hired And Fired By The New York Times, Both On The Same Day!

From: Mitchell Day [Email him]

How can you be guilty of "White supremacy" when you're not even White? Kind of like George Zimmerman.

See previous letters from Mitchell Day.

 writes: Plainly you need a White Privilege refresher course. I have contacted the appropriate authorities.

James Fulford writes: It is Derbyshire's Xth Law that America is divided into two races—black and non-black. [Af-Am Nonsense, National Review Online, January 11th, 2002] Whatever color Razib may be, he's not black, therefore discrimination against him Doesn't Count.

However, we have a tag I usually use in cases like this, which is "White Guy Loses His Job."

I decided not to use it in this case, but maybe I should change it to "Non-Black Guy Loses His Job".

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