A Reader Considers The Liz Mair Kerfuffle One More Case Of Out-Of-Touch Consultants
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item Walker Right To Fire Amnesty Advocate Liz Mair–It Was About Immigration, Not Iowa

From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email Him]

Questions as to why Liz Mair was hired in the first place makes one suspect (and I do from my political days) that she was hired on someone's say so, probably one of the consultant vultures who prey on campaigns. Mair came out of the RNC and big business, to wit from the web:

"[She has written] for the NY Sun, GOPProgress.com, and occasionally for conservative publication Human Events. Before returning to work in politics in 2005,[and here's the good part] Liz was a corporate finance lawyer, specializing in debt finance on private equity-driven transactions at London private equity-specialist corporate law firm, Macfarlanes, where she acted on numerous transactions for clients like Alchemy, the Royal Bank of Scotland and NIB Capital Bank."[Liz Mair, TownHall.com ]
She is obviously divorced from the reality of the Mexican invasion and the concerns of those who lead average lives. Mair (whom I've never heard of before) may write about political issues and have been the RNC's online communications expert but she doesn't seem to have had real experience in the nitty-gritty of politics or in the type of political communication to which the American voter responds, either.

Her contempt for Iowans, and by extension the rest of us yokels, was fortunately amply on view. Any political "expert" would have known better to put her disdain on display. She is, what can I say, a typical big business Republican.

Although they like to wrap themselves in the flag, those who run the party really don't want to get too close to those who fight the wars and pay the taxes, except to take their money and their votes and do the opposite of what they were elected to do.

From my observation, the GOP kept the Vietnam generation at arms length preferring to jump over them to Gen X. If they keep ignoring the traditional American nation under the (dare I call it "leadership") of the Chinless Wonder in the Senate and the Grim Weeper in the House that X will soon stand for extinct.

If Scott Walker has the backbone to stand up for bouncing the illegals out and for defying the likes of the white feather crowd in the GOP, and for showing Americans what immigration, or rather the invasion, is doing to the country, to them and their children he just might be worth voting for.

God knows, the rest of them aren't.

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