A Reader Wonders About Disney's Latina Princess: How Realistic Is She?
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Re: Disney to unveil first Latina princess, Click2Houston.com, October 19, 2012

A Spanish Princess, Not A Latina

From: Steven Vaughan [Email him]

What, no gang tattoos?

No Section 8 vouchers in hand? 

No Medicaid card? 

No swollen, distended belly with her third illegitimate child? 

And she's only 19?

Who knew?

Oh yeah, these are only stereotypes

Right? Right?

James Fulford writes: 

The story says 

"Some may say that Sofia doesn’t look very Latina and others might say Hispanics come in all shades, but Disney says she is Latina, according to NBClatino.com."
It's pretty obvious from the picture of Sofia and the European castle in the background that Sofia is not a Mexican or South American Latina of partly Indian descent.

Rather, like Marco  Rubio, Ted Cruz, the late Judge Leander Perez, and Roan Quintana-Garcia of the Council of Conservative Citizens, she is Spanish—a white person, like Cinderella.  Therefore, she can't be expected to conform to Mexican or Guatemalan stereotypes. Of course, Disney will be considered racist whatever they do, but that includes not having an "Latina" princesses–which is why she's here.

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