A Reader Wants Us To Defend Stephen Colbert From The Anti-Racist Police—Because He Is, After All, White
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's article Stephen Colbert And The Rise (And Coming Fall) Of The White Minstrel Show

From: An Anonymous White Reader [Email him]A Reader Wants Us To Defend Stephen Colbert From The Anti-Racist Police—Because He Is, After All, White

I've read and re-read James Kirkpatrick’s article many times now. It is perhaps the most insightful and profound article ever run on VDARE.com. The question about what to do about a liberal white in trouble by the racial police is very interesting one.

I suggest the answer is to support the white whether liberal or not.

The reasons are thus: Stephen Colbert is a talented entertainer who is carrying out a long standing European cultural tradition of political humor. This sort of humor is not often found in the Far East.

Can anyone imagine that the North Koreans have such jokes? Therefore an attack on Colbert by a non-white, non-Western person is by extension an attack on the whole of Western Civilization. On the other side of that coin, if the Conservatism, Inc., Republicans, and Tea Party crowd spectrum of the American political groups cannot handle their ideology getting gentle chiding from a gadfly comedian then they need a different ideology.

We make a grave philosophical mistake in piling on Steven Colbert for a racial joke. If we accept the premises of our adversaries we are channelized into an area where they have the most strength. The way out of our immigration morass will take a major turn for the better when comedians say "Yes, it's about race. So what?"

While we are on the subject of Ching-Chong, Ding-Dong, Ping-Pong Korean scolds such as Suey Park we should bring up some National Question issues related to America's involvement with Korea and Koreans.

1. What benefit does the United States and the American People get from their continued defense of South Korea?

2. What benefit from "free trade" agreements? Why has South Korea industrialized while the economies Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana hollowed out?

3. Are high IQ Koreans helping America or are they robbing Americans of their institutions?

To ask the questions is to answer them.

Ultimately, immigration reform is an idea from the political left, not the right. (If such directional categories matter in today's tribally based tensions.) The great successful immigration reform movement leading to the 1924 cut-off was led by progressive Yankees of the North East. It is time to make alliances with the left. Supporting Colbert, even with his checkered past, is a good start.

writes: The reader has a  point, that one reason Colbert is being attacked is because he's actually white.

Brittney Cooper wrote in Salon "I love good comedy. Chris Rock, Anjelah Johnson, Erin Jackson and Aziz Ansari are among my favorites. Comedy is a great medium to do race critique because it helps us all take ourselves less seriously. But we should be clear that embodiment matters. Stephen Colbert is a white man and that means there have to be boundaries."[In support of #CancelColbert: Why Stephen Colbert needs to make this right, March 28, 2014]

But Colbert is not only a white comedian, he's an anti-white comedian. Like Michael Moore, the author of Stupid White Men, he doesn't really think of white people as something he's part of. This kind of person is sometimes called self-hating, but Colbert doesn't hate himself, he hates you and me.

So while I support the idea that people shouldn't have their careers destroyed because these panics, I can't bring myself to care about Colbert.

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