A Virginia Reader Says The Census Has Stopped Calling Arab Immigrants "White" Because The Arabs Want Affirmative Action
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Re: Brenda Walker’s blog post Census Notices Arabs Aren’t White

From: A Reader From Virginia [Email him]

While Brenda Walker is a fine patriot who duly reports dangers about Islamic fundamentalism that the MSM usually covers up, I believe she is dropping the ball in endorsing a separate census category for Caucasians from the Middle East, a group that will include Jews, Muslims, and Christians .

Those Middle Eastern groups endorsing the creation of this category are primarily doing so for the racial/ethnic set-asides that they will then receive, including college placement benefits and scholarships, government-sponsored set-asides and business loans, and EEOC/affirmative action preferences, all primarily at the expense of European Americans. These are benefits that those labeled Hispanic presently get but Middle Easterners don't because they are categorized (correctly, in my view) as "white".

So in arguing for the creation of a separate Middle Eastern census category, Walker is also inadvertently arguing for more reverse discrimination against European Americans.  We should all think twice before embracing this new category.

James Fulford writes: The point is that Arabs don’t want to be called “white” because there’s no longer any  advantage to it. Many of them certainly look white. Shortly after September 11, 2001, John Derbyshire wrote this on racial profiling:

“[T] he problem is that OMEA [“of middle Eastern appearance”] is a much more dubious description than "black" or even perhaps "Hispanic." You can see the difficulties by scanning the photographs of September 11th hijackers published in our newspapers. A few are unmistakeably OMEA. My reaction on seeing the photograph of the first to be identified, Mohammed Atta, was that he looked exactly like my own mental conception of an Arab terrorist. On the other hand, one of his companions on flight AA11, Wail al-Shehri, is the spitting image of a boy I went to school with — a boy of entirely English origins, whose name was Hobson. Ahmed al-Nami (flight UA93) looks like a Welsh punk rocker.” [At First Glance, October 15th, 2001]
Pictured below, either Wail al-Shehri, or Hobson of Arabia:

Either Wail al-Shehri, or Hobson of Arabia.


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