A Reader Has An Idea For A Change To The Citizenship Requirement For President, Some Thoughts On Of Dual Loyalty
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From An Armenian-American Reader [Email Him]

Given our current demographic situation, I believe a change in the citizenship requirement to be President is needed to avoid the "hyphenated American" concern that Teddy Roosevelt brought up. [Guest Post By Teddy Roosevelt—"Americanism", October 12, 1915]

In my opinion, the new rule should be: not only must the Presidential candidate must be a natural-born citizen, but also at least one of the candidate's parents must also be a natural-born citizen; this would disqualify myself as a potential Presidential candidate.

There is also a loyalty question that a good reporter should address when asking questions to Presidential candidates: would the candidate be able to, hypothetically, declare war on the country of his ethnic origins?

Could he deal with possible traitors living in the United States who share his ethnic background (in the face of scorn from his ethnic peers) if such was necessary to defend the United States.

Steve Sailer has sometimes (and somewhat satirically) brought up this issue of dual loyalties with government officials serving posts in Israel and the United States, but I believe this issue must be addressed now that there are so many different ethnic groups living in the United States that are vying for political power.

I am not sure if I could answer this question affirmatively, and therefore I believe this would also disqualify myself as a Presidential candidate.

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