A Reader Wants To Instruct Us On The Multiracial Nature Of Jamaica. We Know, We Know!
October 17, 2016, 06:39 PM
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Re: James Fulford's article Mass Shooting (3 Dead) At Illegal Jamaican Restaurant In LA, LA TIMES Not Very Informative

From: Duh@Duh.com [Email him]

James Fulford mentions in the article that maybe the suspects should be identified as African-American immediately. Considering that the shooting took place at a Jamaican restaurant, perhaps the assailants were Caribbean-American (which encompasses Afro/Indo/and Asian subcultures), or weren't even American and were Afro/Indo/Asian-Caribbean.

I'm assuming, which is probably okay since your website is based mainly on assumptions, that you don't know much about Caribbean cultures.

Well it's as easy as a Wikipedia search: Jamaica is made up of blacks, Indians, and Asians, and they largely all participate in the same culture and usually intermarry extensively.

Often, all three races will be part of one single family and no one cares or even thinks about it as long as they are Jamaican or some other Caribbean.

Just saying, it's a stretch and really shows your agenda to just say "name them as African Americans!" without considering the cultural context and where the shooting took place. But yeah, wrong website for that, LOL.

sampeffercoverfordrnoJames Fulford writes: We're all about cultural context here, and race. I was quoting an LA Times commenter who used the term "African-American", but I myself used the term "black".

I've been aware of the multiracial nature of Jamaica since, oh, 1972 or thereabouts, when I read Dr. No, set in Jamaica  by Jamaica resident Ian Fleming, the opening of which features a group of mixed race Chinese Negroes—hired killers working for Chinese supervillain Dr. No. 

As for the multiracial paradise the reader describes in Jamaica, it doesn't exist. (I'll probably have more to say about Jamaicans tomorrow.)

The alleged shooters arrested are apparently regular black Jamaicans, the people who have given Jamaica what is sometimes the highest murder rate in the world.

See the follow-up: Immigrant Mass Murder Confirmed In Incident At Illegal Jamaican Restaurant In LA.