A Reader Wants Illegals To Go Home And Stay There
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09/30/10 - An NC Reader Reports Immigrant Foxes in Charge of the Immigration Henhouse

From: June Venable (e-mail her)

Re:Patrick Cleburne's Blog Item  NY GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Paladino on Illegals: "They will be sent Back"

Thanks to Patrick Cleburne for letting us know how Candidate Paladino feels about illegal aliens. It took courage for Paladion to speak out in this illegal alien-friendly atmosphere. However, when he or any politician states that illegals should go home and apply correctly, I would ask: "Do you really want people who've laughed at our laws to be able to return?"

I am at the other end of the spectrum. I would like to see all measures we have at our disposal be used: E-Verify, stopping all benefits, no renting to them...in short, take away all the lures, especially birthright citizenship, and they will self-deport. It would be a plus if we had an administration who would announce to the world that we're no longer its dumping ground and that they should plan a welcome party: their people are coming home. We need someone who cares more about our welfare than that of lawbreakers. We haven't had that luxury in quite some time.


June Venable

P.S. A moratorium on ALL immigration for the next 5-10 years would be great too.

Venable is a retired elementary school teacher whose great-grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War when he was fourteen. Read her previous letters about the sanctuary city of Austin and amnesty in the presidential campaign here and here.

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