An NC Reader Reports Immigrant Foxes in Charge of the Immigration Henhouse
September 30, 2010, 05:00 AM
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From: John J. Pershing (e-mail him)

RE: Ex-immigration officer sentenced in extortion case, Associated Press,September 24, 2010

Bedri Kulla, some of whose "Dating Profiles" are still on line, was sentenced to a year in jail for trying to get an immigrant to sleep with him, using his influence as a Federal Immigration bureaucrat.

Bedri`s photo in this link (from his profile) looks like the same man shown in the WTVD newscast (below) a day after his arrest.

[Immigrants blackmailed for sex, WTVD Raleigh, NC, July 16, 2009]

In turns out that Bedri is a Canadian, by birth to an Albanian couple who had immigrated to Canada, and he openly posted his dual nationality status (US-Canadian) on a social networking site.

He likes riding horses and going to the beach too. Maybe if he had invited Xiomara Blanco for a Sunday afternoon horseback outing on the Outer Banks one fine spring day instead resorting to Third World Eastern European thug seduction tactics, he wouldn`t be sitting in a Federal prison.

Ms Blanco is now getting a special visa for victims/informers.

 Phil Eichorn, [Email him] an immigration lawyer and blogger writes on his blog that "The more U visas that are granted, the more conduct like Kulla`s will be investigated and prosecuted."

Of course Mr. Eichorn! and perish the thought that one might be given pause for thought that a dual national of Albanian Muslim lineage would be allowed to be a US Immigration Services Officer.

Pershing`s previous letters are here.

James Fulford writes: This story could be reported either as "Immigrant Woman Victimized" or as "Woman Victimized By Immigrant". The MSM will always choose the "immigrant as victim" angle.