An NC Reader Reports Immigrant Foxes in Charge of the Immigration Henhouse
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From: John J. Pershing (e-mail him)

RE: Ex-immigration officer sentenced in extortion case, Associated Press,September 24, 2010

Bedri Kulla, some of whose "Dating Profiles" are still on line, was sentenced to a year in jail for trying to get an immigrant to sleep with him, using his influence as a Federal Immigration bureaucrat.

Bedri's photo in this link (from his profile) looks like the same man shown in the WTVD newscast (below) a day after his arrest.

[Immigrants blackmailed for sex, WTVD Raleigh, NC, July 16, 2009]

In turns out that Bedri is a Canadian, by birth to an Albanian couple who had immigrated to Canada, and he openly posted his dual nationality status (US-Canadian) on a social networking site.

He likes riding horses and going to the beach too. Maybe if he had invited Xiomara Blanco for a Sunday afternoon horseback outing on the Outer Banks one fine spring day instead resorting to Third World Eastern European thug seduction tactics, he wouldn't be sitting in a Federal prison.

Ms Blanco is now getting a special visa for victims/informers.

 Phil Eichorn, [Email him] an immigration lawyer and blogger writes on his blog that "The more U visas that are granted, the more conduct like Kulla's will be investigated and prosecuted."

Of course Mr. Eichorn! and perish the thought that one might be given pause for thought that a dual national of Albanian Muslim lineage would be allowed to be a US Immigration Services Officer.

Pershing's previous letters are here.

James Fulford writes: This story could be reported either as "Immigrant Woman Victimized" or as "Woman Victimized By Immigrant". The MSM will always choose the "immigrant as victim" angle.

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