A Reader Uses The Murder Of Lee Rigby To Denounce Imperialism, Rather Than Immigration
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Re: John Derbyshire’s Murder In London—Muslims Dance On England's Grave and Brenda Walker’s London: Muslims Now Slaughter Openly

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I see Brenda Walker and John Derbyshire are at it again—decrying the murder in London but making no mention of Britain's assisting US imperialist occupation of Afghanistan.

At least when I Google "Derbyshire" and "Afghanistan" (but not when I do so re Walker) I see Derbyshire was complaining about UK's unnecessary and self-defeating occupation in Afghanistan, as early as 2009.

We can assume Walker approved of the immoral Iraq War and approves of droning campaign of Obama, each killing large numbers of innocents in actions doing nothing to protect working/middle class America.

Derbyshire himself might have been more opposed, as he was in 2009 to Afghanistan. But I note now, while denouncing the London murders in melodramatic style, representing the defeat of the UK, he makes no mention of the UK military actions in Afghanistan or anywhere in the Muslim world.

James Fulford writes: The fact that British and American troops are occupying Afghanistan doesn’t give an African from London the right to stab an unarmed (disarmed, actually) soldier to death on the street.

Personally, I feel that Britain and America should not be occupying Afghanistan, but not because I give a damn about the Afghans. They’re the enemy. I also don’t care if terrorists are killed by drone strikes, or if people standing to terrorists are killed by drone strikes.

The invasion of Afghanistan happened after 9/11 because the Afghans were Muslims who supported Osama bin Laden—thus the enemy of America, and America’s ally, Britain. That being said, the reason that Bush, Blair,  and Obama wouldn’t leave Afghanistan is because they thought it would be bad for the Afghans. And Bush, when he invaded Iraq, thought it would be good for the Iraqis—that’s the idea behind him calling “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”


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