A Popvox User Reports That New Hampshire Doesn’t Think Much Of Amnesty—Why Is Senator Kelly Ayotte Voting For It?
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s blog post  NeoCon Stooge Senator Kelly Ayotte (R(?)- NH) Heeds Paymasters On Amnesty

An Anonymous Popvox User [Email him]

Occasionally, I check the S.744 bill on the Popvox.Com website.   Nationally, 92% of Popvox users oppose this bill.

When I read Patrick Cleburne’s  post, I was curious as to the percentage in Kelly Ayotte’s state of New Hampshire. No real surprises. While there is only a small sample of 45 Popvox votes from that state, 41 of those (91%) oppose the bill with 4 being in favor.

What is most startling is that Ayotte has already declared a “yes” vote for this bill in its present form. Even Marco Rubio is still dancing (if only for theatrical purposes) upon further amendments to strengthen border security.

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