A MidWesterner Wonders What Happened To The Population Problem We Worried About In The Sixties
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Steve Sailer’s blog post Does Notre Dame think the Midwest is doomed?

From: An Anonymous Midwesterner [Email him]

Steve Sailer is asking if the Midwest is doomed by demography. Speaking of demography...

Remember the population control push of the 1960s? With a population of 205,000,000, the USA was said to have already surpassed a sustainable limit. Looming overpopulation was used as a pragmatic argument for popularizing artificial birth control and homosexuality and legalizing abortion.

Playboy magazine suggested to college-age men that they get a vasectomy sooner rather than later. Someone encouraged the vasectomized to wear an emblem, a male biological symbol with a piece of the circle missing. 21st Century America was predicted to become a teeming cannibalistic dystopia: "Soylent Green is people!”

Now, America's population is at least 315,000,000 and we see the MSM warn that legal immigration of 1,000,000 per year is insufficient to bring about the "vibrant" and diverse America the elite desire.

The writer is an alumnus of Marquette University in "vibrant" and diverse Milwaukee, whose sheriff warned the populace to arm and defend themselves.

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