A Reader Tries To Find A Confederate Flag Mask To Wear, Finds Them Banned By Amazon
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From: A Confederate-American Reader [Email him]

I thought I would buy a mask that had the Confederate Flag on the front. I Googled it and I literally got hundreds (thousands?) of references to "Michigan State Senator apologizes—is asked to resign" for wearing one.

This is ridiculous. I saw two ads for them; Amazon and one other place; when I clicked I got a 404 page does not exist.

James Fulford writes: A possible substitute would be the "Rebel String Bikini" from Rebel Nation Outfitters, which sells all kind of Confederate merchandise, not through Amazon.

The pieces are about the right size. Of course, it looks better in its original use.

Seriously, Amazon banned the Confederate Flag from its store after Dylann Roof's mass murder, so I suppose these masks are "covered" by that policy.

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