A California Reader Says Gabriel Rocha's Comments Rebut Themselves
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05/12/07 - A Reader Thinks We're Dishonest

Re: Our Letters Editor, Joe Guzzardi, Is Bemused By Hispanic Immigrants' Sense Of Entitlement

From: Christopher

Letter writer Gabriel Rocha challenged Joe Guzzardi to provide an "intelligent rebuttal" to the position that the U.S. should continue its policy of allowing massive legal immigration. Mr. Rocha's own comments illustrate why the onus must be on supporters of this policy to justify their position, and not on those who are opposed to it.

He clearly identifies in a primary sense with people of his own ethnic and national background: "we [Hispanic immigrants] are not going anywhere." Consistent with this idea, he appears to include illegal aliens of Hispanic descent in this "we" since no one is talking about deporting naturalized citizens or holders of valid green cards or visas. For him, the American "we" takes some undefined back seat to the Hispanic immigrant "we."

Obviously, the only reason it might be wise for any group of people to want immigration by another group of people when the two do not identify with each other is that there would some overriding benefit to the receiving group from the immigration. So if anyone should be expected to provide an "intelligent rebuttal" in the current immigration debate it is those, such as Mr. Rocha, who favor mass immigration into the U.S., particularly since a disproportionate fraction of immigrants clearly and often enthusiastically view themselves as apart from the majority population and mainstream culture of our country.

But I can't imagine what potential benefits from immigration might even come close to compensating for the Balkanization it seems to be causing.

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