A Reader Thanks VDARE.com For Presenting New And Interesting Science
November 23, 2017, 07:46 PM
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Re: Lance Welton's Of Mice and Men: ”Spiteful Mutations” Look Bad For The West

From: An Anonymous Academic [Email him]

Quite a mindful. The thesis that heretofore has informed my views on our distress, political and social and individual, is the Robert Putnam thesis offered in E pluribus unum: Diversity and community in the twenty‐first century, about ten years ago.

In it he describes how Social Trust is largest in racially homogeneous communities in the US and smallest in diverse communities.

Social Trust is measured by participation in community and neighborhood activities and direct measures of attitudes toward various other races, and most importantly, one’s own race.

Diversity is a killer, in other words. Nevertheless….very interesting. If there are different races of mice, maybe an experiment similar to the one described could shed some light.