A Reader Sympathizes With The Former Owners Of The Continent
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Re: A Hispanic Reader Compares Virginia Dare And The Lost Colony To Modern Illegals

From: Dave Shanken[ Email him]

I think the Hispanic is spot on. The English colonists came to conquer and exploit new territory. This is normal behavior for all organisms (as is the instinct to defend one's territory). 

These immigrants were indifferent as to the pain and suffering inflicted on the native populations. The colonists failed because the people that they were trying to mug destroyed them.

 Today's immigrants, legal or undocumented, take the same attitude. The big difference is that Americans then were normal, and defended their territory.

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James Fulford writes: I don’t really sympathize with the former owners of the continent, who among other atrocities  killed my great-great-uncle, and then shot the priest who was giving him the Last Rites, but it’s true that when people say that all American are really immigrants except the Indians, we always say, “Yes, and look what it did to them.” I would hate to see Americans become the “former owners” of the continent.

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