A Hispanic Reader Compares Virginia Dare And The Lost Colony To Modern Illegals
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Re: Why VDARE.COM / The White Doe? By Peter Brimelow

From: Antonio Hernandez [Email Him]

I find it interesting that your website would take the name of Virginia Dare.  You applaud her family’s bravery in coming to America on a treacherous voyage.  Her mother came, knowing she was pregnant, to seek a better life for herself and her child. She planned to use that child to help establish her claim to life in the Americas.

On arrival, she discovered that her presence was unwelcome to the native population, who were hostile towards her and those that looked like her.  Yet, still she came, risking her life and that of her child in the process.

The story is not much different than that of immigrants that take risks daily crossing rivers and deserts, avoiding death or torture from drug runners, or imprisonment and separation of family. Yet your site vilifies immigrants and seeks to limit their entry to the US, while at the same time praising Dare and perpetuating the role of the hostile native. 

Why choose Virginia Dare? She has no role in American history. Her colony was a failure and all inhabitants disappeared, meaning there is no connectable tangent leading to America as we currently know it.

As to her claim to being the first European born in the US, a Spaniard, Martin de Arguelles, has her beat by a good twenty years. He was born in St. Augustine, Florida, which, last I checked, is part of the United States. The colony was a success and is the oldest continuously occupied city in the US established by Europeans. 

Why not celebrate him? I have read that your site claims no bias on skin color and that you call for a stricter limit on all immigration. Yet I cannot find any logical reason why you would choose Dare over de Arguelles. Besides the assumption that one was a fair-skinned, English speaker and the other a dark-skinned “Hispanic”.

I truly hope that this is not the case.  I would like to think that we, as Americans, have risen above judgment of others based on language or skin color.  If you truly must have an English speaking immigrant as your role model, why not at least pick one that has had some type of influence or impact on our culture, not a character that is more folk legend than fact? 

James Fulford writes: Virginia Dare is not the “first European born in the US” she’s the “the first English child to be born in the New World”. Virginia and points north became the North American colonies, tied to England until the Revolution, and drawing its politics and culture from England.

Martin de Arguelles is the first Spanish child born in Florida. But Florida wasn’t part of the United States until Andrew Jackson took it from the Spanish in 1817.

Anyway, Martin would have been as white as Virginia Dare, because he wasn’t what we now call "Hispanic," but Spanish.

Any comparison between modern illegal aliens and early English settlers is fanciful in the extreme. America in 1587 was almost unoccupied. To the extent that it was occupied, it was occupied by what the Declarations of Independence, almost two hundred years later, called “merciless Indian savages.”

America as it is now is a civilized, sovereign country which is all full up. To the extent that illegals today risk “death or torture from drug runners” they’re in danger from others of their own people. To the extent that they risk “imprisonment and separation of family”, they risk it because they’re criminals—you can hardly expect us to sympathize.

 I too would “like to think that we, as Americans, have risen above judgment of others based on language or skin color. “ But I don’t, because I’m not stupid. Life is not like that.  Immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, bring their own racial biases with them—starting with hatred of white Americans, and contempt for Americas founding traditions, one of which remains Virginia Dare.

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