A Reader Suggests A Fix For Font Problems
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Re: A Contributor Has A Problem With Our New Format—We Reassure Him

From: A Tech Savvy Reader [Email him]

Hello.  Regarding the font being too small on VDare.com (and likely many other sites), as noted previously you can hit the "+" sign with the Ctrl button already depressed to increase font size.

Also, if you use Chrome as your browser, you can grab a very handy extension called Zoomy  free from the Chrome Web Store.  (Find it here. ) It automatically zooms to fill the screen.  Here is a brief description from their page:

"The Zoomy extension overrides the default zoom (text and images) for all websites.

Default zoom can be set manually or automatic

The automatic mode depends on the browser width, resizing the browser causes live changes and it's Intended for widescreen or high resolution users. (bigger than 1024px)"

I hope this helps you.

James Fulford writes: Thanks for your help. We’re trying to make the site as legible and user-friendly as possible, but it’s frequently the case that if something on our site doesn’t look right in your browser, it's easier to adjust your browser than to make us adjust our site—especially when you consider that many other sites will also look wrong, and we can't fix them. Instructions for all browsers may be found here.

I have several browsers on my computer, so if something doesn’t look right in one browser, I load it another browser. The only problem with this is that since my Firefox browser ignores any oddities of type, I sometimes don't see problems on our own site that Internet Explorer users see.

It remains the case that ebooks and ezines are the solution to problems with font size. You don't have to order a special Large Print edition of VDARE.com or a Kindle book, because the appearance of something on your computer screen is under your control.

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