A Contributor Has A Problem With Our New Format—We Reassure Him
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Re: Redesign Issues In General

From: A Contributor [Email him]

Since the redesign, I've almost stopped reading VDARE.com.

The reason: your new font is too small!

If I stop reading VDARE.com, I stop sending money to VDARE.

My eyes are good enough with which to drive a car here.  Surely I'm not the only middle-aged, near-sighted reader with the same problem. Do something, quickly!  I miss my VDARE.com.


James Fulford writes: I understand what you mean about reading text that's too small, and totally sympathize. We're still working on the upgrade, so we may be chanigng the default font.

 I'm over 50 myself, and I have just started wearing reading glasses computer work. I spend all day reading and writing VDARE.com text, and I can read it without glasses.

 That's because font size on a computer is totally under the control of the user, it's just a matter of knowing which buttons to push.

 Specific instructions on how to enlarge the type vary by browser and operating system, but I usually do it by either holding down the Control button and hitting the + key on the numberpad.

You can also enlarge type by holding down Control and scrolling with the mouse wheel.

This is a fairly common problem, but computers and e-readers are a solution to the problem of bad eyesight and small type.

Below is a typical set of instructions I found by Googling the question "how do I increase the font size on my screen?"

Make Print Larger On a Computer Screen

  • Ctrl: While holding down the Control key (Ctrl), press the "plus" key one or more times. For Mac: use Command key. The control key is on the lower left-hand side of the keyboard.
  • Ctrl - : Press the minus key in the same fashion to make print smaller again.
  • Ctrl and Mouse: While holding down the Control key, roll the mouse wheel.

There are also settings in your computer which will enlarge the text on the computer’s  controls, which vary whether you’re using a Windows or Mac computer.

Finally, I’ll mention that every article comes with a Printer Friendly button at the bottom of the page. If you click on that, the page will fill the screen, with no sidebars, and once again, the text can be any size you like.


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