A Northern Virginia Reader Asks About The H1-B/Terror Connection
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Re: James Fulford's article “Ashland Man” Ferdaus? “American Citizen” al-Awlaki? American’s Emerging Assimilation Disaster

From: A Northern Virginia Reader[Email him]

Let me express my gratitude to James Fulford and the rest of the staff of VDare.com for the articles and information you provide. Yours is one of the few sites where, I believe, the real impacts of current immigration policy are presented and discussed honestly and openly.

Per your article on Oct. 4th of this year about the "Ashland Man": is anyone aware if perhaps his father was in the country on a work (H1B/L1) visa?

Given the father's country of origin(Bangladesh) his occupation, (engineer)and the location they were living in I would suspect that it's more than likely that was the case. [ Rezwan Ferdaus had pot, other arrests: Terror suspect born and raised in Mass., myfoxboston.com, September 30, 2011]

I currently live in northern Virginia where a) the cost of living is also very high, like MA., and b) there are quite a few East Asians who have settled here and work in IT/technical positions at companies that I would claim are not interested in paying for native workers.

If in fact the father came to the U.S. on an H1B/L1 visa, the case would then demonstrate the additional unintended costs of the practice of importing what I would consider 'cheap technical labor' by U.S. companies.


James Fulford writes: I'll look into the question. I know that in the case of Naveed Haq, who shot up the Seattle Jewish Center in 2006, both his parents were engineers who immigrated during the 1970s. This was a case of what we call Immigrant Mass Murder, also known, in this particular kind of case, as Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

However, what cases like this are really about are what John Derbyshire calls, in his book We Are Doomed, "absimilation"—assimilation running backward, where the first generation of immigrants manage to be reasonably good citizens, and the second generation goes wild. This was my basic point re Ferdaus. Recently, Derbyshire said in a podcast that

" Framingham, Massachusetts seems to be generating more news than they can consume locally. Back in our September 2nd broadcast we covered the case of Obama Onyango, the president's illegal-immigrant uncle, being arrested for DUI up there. This week it's 26-year-old Rezwan Ferdaus, an American-born Muslim of Bangladeshi parentage, with a plot to attack government buildings with model planes. Ferdaus is a real jihadist: his local mosque, to their credit, threw him out for his extremist opinions. Ferdaus illustrates a phenomenon I wrote about in We Are Doomed, where I called it "absimilation." The first immigrant generation is industrious and law-abiding. In the second, a big cohort breaks off and separates themseves as much as they can from the society they were born into, becoming antisocial and often, like Ferdaus, dangerous. We saw it in England in the sixties with West Indian immigrants. That first generation were well-liked: hard-working church-going types. Then, twenty years later, we were looking at ganja dens and mass illegitimacy. I don't know if sociologists are studying this, but they should be. I've patented the word, though: "absimilation," the opposite of "assimilation." This weeks' poster boy for absimilation: Rezwan Ferdaus."

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