A Reader Speaks Up For Welsh Rights (We've Offended One More Group)
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04/15/11 - A Former Floridian Says Illegal Immigration and Multiculturalism Are Creating a "Multi-Menagerie" Hellhole In Florida

Re: James Fulford's Blog Item Expensive Bilingualism For English Speakers

From: Joe Walker [email him]

Can someone please explain to me why on a website that is supposedly about the problems caused by immigration, James Fulford is posting articles criticizing the Welsh for having road signs in their own language in Wales? If Fulford does not like what the Welsh are doing in their own country then the easiest solution would be for him to stay away from Wales. This solution should make James Fulford—and the Welsh—very happy.

James Fulford writes: Well, we figured, we've offended everybody else, why not the Welsh? Seriously, I do recognize that Welsh are in their own country, and it's the English who are the "immigrants" in this situation.

But bilingualism is a matter of ethnic pride here—only about 20 percent of the population of Wales can speak Welsh, and almost everyone in Wales who can read and write Welsh can also read and write English. I think it's funny that the people responsible for the bilingual signs are among the 80 percent of English-only residents of Wales.

The same thing happens in Canada, where French-speakers, living in Anglo regions, insist on services in French from the Canadian Government, though they're perfectly capable of speaking English, and the Federal Government enforces bilingualism on the Anglos, while the Government of Quebec enforces French only.

We can expect similar foolishness in the Southwest, when the Spanish-speaking population gets large enough. One result, besides a lot of money for sign-painters, will be a takeover of the Federal Civil Service by members of the minority language group. That's certainly what happened in Canada.

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