An Anonymous 50 Year Old Says Don't Raise The Social Security Age—It Will Just Transfer Money From Americans To Immigrants
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Re: Michelle Malkin's syndicated column Make 70 the New 65

From: An Anonymous PhD [Email him]

While Ms. Malkin's article is interesting, I find it insulting to think, if such were enacted, "cui bono"?

(Who benefits?) As a 50-something White married male, I just finished my Doctoral degree study program. I'd gladly work in my profession (University prof.) until 70, if I could only find a job, and not be passed over because of my race AND my age.

Work till 70? Ha! Not if it means being a greeter at Wal-Mart. I'd rather get my "damn discount" ASAP, before it's all gone, for all the good it's done me to believe the lie of "equal opportunity".

James Fulford writes: The subject of the syndicated column is one we don't really have strong feelings on, but our reader is right that a decision to make older Americans wait longer for social security will mean transferring wealth from the people who were in America before 1965, to the people who've come after. See also the ending of Simon Krejsa's latest column.

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