A Former Floridian Says Illegal Immigration and Multiculturalism Are Creating a "Multi-Menagerie" Hellhole In Florida
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04/14/11 - A Reader, Possibly Descended From Pericles, Isn't A Latino Or An Anglo, But An American

Re: South Fla. Customs stops 5 pests never seen in US, April 15, 2011

From: "Fled from Florida" [Email Him]

Thanks to Miami International Airport's conversion into the turnstile of the world, this curiously brief article in the Miami Herald mentions several invasive insect species having been intercepted there within just the past few months—including beetles from Argentina and moths from Honduras.

The Burmese Python infestation of the South Florida Everglades has been mainstream news for quite some time. However, the mainstream media's ubiquitous cover story of destroyed pet shops via Hurricane Andrew being the cause just doesn't wash..

The June 2004 National Geographic article Huge, Freed Pet Pythons Invade Florida Everglades is surprisingly candid about the causation and the cost of the species invasions—identifying the infestations as a product of the burgeoning "International Pet Trade." In other words, exotic multi-cultures in America have created an exploding demand for exotic pets and plant species for who knows what rituals and diets. The article also lists the price tag of the pest control in the hundreds of billions.

So even the animal kingdom in America is becoming a multi-menagerie hellhole.

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