A Reader Wonders Why The Mennonite Church Was Employing An Illegal Alien As A Pastor
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Mennonite Pastor (and drunk-driving Honduran illegal) Max Villatoro with his four U.S. citizen children, all born after he was convicted of drunk driving in 1998. Why wasn’t he deported then?

From: Claus Brinker [Email him]

I'm surprised nothing has been written at VDARE.com on the deportation of Max Villatoro a Mennonite pastor and an illegal immigrant from Honduras. He was deported because a drunk driving conviction from 1998, made him eligible despite Obama's unilateral amnesty.

There has been a huge outcry from Christians who say it's not fair because the conviction was so long ago, his wife and kids are being left behind, and he's such a nice guy.

It appears that the Mennonite church has knowingly allowed an illegal immigrant to work as one of their pastors. Shouldn't they be facing consequences? I've heard many cases of churches giving "sanctuary" to illegals, but in this case the church was actually employing one!

This fact does not even get mentioned in the coverage. Instead the news stories all report on the petition requesting he be allowed to return, which garnered over 25,000 signatures in a few days' time. The Mennonite Central Committee is urging people to call ICE and demand that Villatoro be allowed to be return.

Patriots should be calling ICE and demanding that the Mennonite church be prosecuted and investigated to find out how many other illegals they are employing. It's unconscionable that they are facilitating a situation in which families get torn apart when the law is enforced. They should be counseling their members to obey the law and return to their home country.

This is a real disgrace for American Christians.

Claus Brinker writes for CounterCurrents.

James Fulford writes: I just want to remind everyone that if the kids are being "left behind", it's the family's own decision. No one is stopping them from moving to Honduras with their father, or for that matter coming back later. They'd just miss a lot of taxpayer dollars.

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