A Reader Says White Americans Wouldn't Be Outnumbered If We'd Reproduce Properly...Like Some People Do
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Re: Allan Wall's blog item AP Reports Lowest U.S. Birth Rate in 32 Years

From: An American Expatriate in Peru [Email him]

I saw the link about whites never being the majority again. [The U.S. white majority will soon disappear forever, by Dudley Poston, Houston Chronicle, April 30, 2019] Call it the Obama “fundamental transformation” effect of making healthcare crappier and costlier and the economy bleak and adding even more uncertainty to child bearing. I, for one, would like to focus on the following wrongheaded statement in the AP story from, the aging 39 year old, not yet a mother, it seems, dental hygienist named Brandy Loshaw who shows perfectly what the problem is—our comfort seeking mentality: “I would never be able to afford the added expense of a child and live comfortably.” [US births lowest in 3 decades despite improving economy, by Carla K. Johnson, Associated Press, May 15, 2019] Added expense of a child? Man, is she short-sighted!

The problem is that too many Americans (especially whites) and even conservatives like some VDARE.com readers (and some of their writers) need to get serious about having and not pooh-poohing, big families and follow Peter Brimelow's example.

I myself raised five kids alone when I got widowed, then had a sixth in marriage number two. My fertile first wife and I got married at 30 for her and 37 for me. We had five kids in nine and a half years that included fleeing another country (I was targeted by the guerrillas) job losses, car breakdowns, cancer and many hospital visits and the unexpected. We saved money thanks to a 401k, had good health insurance thanks to my job and struggled to make ends meet. Fortunately, she was NOT a feminist. Now that I’m 60 several of my kids are serving in the US Armed Forces, one of my kids is a photographer, and a few more are on track for great things. Some of my children here in Peru may follow suit and enlist too.

Children are the future, not only of your own family, but your country.

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