A Reader Reports An Example Of The LA Times (!) Doing Its Job, Even If The LAPD Won't
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04/05/07 - A Reader Says We Should Actually Read The New American

Re: LAPD: "We Don't Get Into" Immigration Status Of Christmas Story Director's Killer

From: Mitchell Young [email him]

I wrote the letter below to check out the LA Times story on Robert Clark. The LA Times reporter, Andrew Blankstein, did in fact reply to my query about immigration status of the driver that killed Clark, to the effect the Times reporters are working to get it.

From: Mitchell Young 

Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 9:02 AM

To: [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: Christmas Story Director Dies in Crash [LA Times, By Valerie Reitman and Andrew Blankstein, April 5, 2007]

Dear Ms. Reitman and Mr. Blankstein,

According to your story, one Hector Valazquez-Nava is responsible for the deaths of Mr. Clark and his son. Did the police offer any information on the immigration status of Mr. Valazquez-Nava? It is of course entirely possible that Mr. Valazquez-Nava is a native-born American, a naturalized citizen, or a legal resident. However, his driving without a license is a 'red-flag', pointing to the possibility he might be in the country illegally. As we debate immigration policy, surely the costs of immigration are important for the public to know, and having a citizen killed by a possible illegal immigrant (or even legal immigrant) drunk driver is certainly a cost.


Mitchell Young

From: "Blankstein, Andrew" <[email protected]>

Date: April 5, 2007 10:40:35 AM PDT

To: "Mitchell Young"

Subject: RE: Christmas Story Director Dies in Crash


We will be updating the story. As is the case in any breaking news situation, some details aren't immediately available. There also are new rules that limit public agencies from sharing certain background information on suspects. That said, we are working to get it and include it.

VDARE.COM Note: The LA Times' April 6, 2007 story included this paragraph.

Hector Manuel Velazquez-Nava, a native of Mexico who federal authorities said was in the U.S. illegally, faces possible charges of vehicular manslaughter, driving without a license and driving under the influence of alcohol.

[Driver drunk in crash that killed director By Valerie Reitman and Andrew Blankstein, LA Times, April 6, 2007]

"Federal authorities said" seems to imply "the LAPD didn't say", which is par for its PC course.

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