A Reader Can't Access VDARE.com From The Muslim World
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From: An Anonymous Expatriate Reader:

I thought you'd like to know that your site is blocked in the United Arab Emirates. When we go to your site, here is a screen grab of what we get.

The link provided is to this : ECompany Feedback  I have tried to get sites unblocked but it almost never works. Rarely do we even get an acknowledgments for our request. I'm a liberal, myself, so I don't agree with much of what you say. But I certainly defend your  right to say it! 

James Fulford writes:There are a number of things we print that may be "inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values" of the Emirs.

Aside from issues of religion, we printed a number of columns about the Dubai Ports deal.

And this what I wrote about UAE immigration policy in a roundup of immigration news from around the world.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates employ so much foreign labor with their petrodollars that the resident population is 80% foreign-born.

Naturally, the UAE doesn't let the guest-workers vote, because it doesn't let anybody vote, except the Emirs.

But the UAE is having problems, too. I attach a couple of quotes, without comment, to show that America is not the only country with this problem.

Illegals in rush to beat deadline

Gulf News, United Arab Emirates - 29Apr 2003

Dubai/Sharjah |By Ashfaq Ahmed and Bassma Al Jandaly

"The clock is ticking rapidly for illegals in the country - and by tomorrow the deadline for the amnesty will have passed, leaving those still in the country facing hefty fines and jail sentences.

"An official from the Ministry of Interior who described illegals as a 'pain in the neck,' said: 'In these last hours they suddenly seem to have realized there is an amnesty on offer and are rushing to get exit passes.'"

Here's another:

"[The official said] 'But those who remain will be hunted after April 30 and deported, which means there will be a permanent ban on their entering the country.' The number of those who have left has not reached the anticipated 100,000."

The UAE has only one internet provider, which makes censorship easy, and there's not  a lot we can do about their censorship policies, short of invading them and imposing democracy and civil rights, an exercise that many people consider more trouble than it's worth. But there is  a place that's supposed to already have democracy, civil rights, and freedom of speech and that's the USA. We've had a lot of trouble with internet filtering trying to silence us, and we appeal to our readers to report any instance of VDARE.com being blocked by some stupid program installed in your computer—once we know it's happening, our lawyers can deal with it.

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