A Reader Says Time Has Flip-Flopped On Immigration
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September 27, 2004

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A Reader Cites The Economist On The Oldest Profession And Immigration

From: [name withheld]

Re: Time's Trap For Politicians: Who Let The (Next) Terrorists In? by Bryanna Bevens

Nice to see the mainstream media finally focusing on what we have known for years. Lest we forget, however, in June 2001 TIME published a special issue with a cover entitled "Welcome to Amexica," wherein it burbled about "the border...vanishing before our eyes, creating a new world for all of us." TIME was scornfully dismissive of subsequent letters to the editor about the overreacting alarmists who dared suggest that maybe this wasn't such a terrific development. [Self-congratulatory VDARE.com note: We covered this when it appeared! See America Disintegrates by Sam Francis, June 07, 2001]

I'm compelled to comment simply because

(a)  it demonstrates that TIME has engaged (indeed, persisted) in high-profile happy talk about immigration far more recently than the 1985 article that Ms. Bevens cites (although in both instances, eerily enough, the article was contemporaneous with or shortly preceded a terrorist event), and

(b) it annoys me beyond measure that the same news magazine that derided border control just three years ago is now shaking its sanctimonious finger at the government for...failing to control the borders!

Anyway, let's hope some good comes of it —in time to forestall another large-scale attack...

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