A New York Reader Wonders If Congress Will Pass A "No Dog Left Behind" Law
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From: An Angry White Lawyer (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog Item: Amy Chua's Next Project

There has been much reporting about Chaser, a border collie that knows more than 1000 words and responds to sentences, i.e. "take lamb", "paw lamb", "nose lamb." (Watch him on YouTube.)

Border collie owners are not surprised.

However, some breeds are unable to learn much at all. For example, Dalmatians have trouble learning not to bite their owners. Doesn't this cry out for a No Dog Left Behind Act that would provide affirmative action training for dog breeds that have suffered centuries of discrimination? Dog trainers would lose their licenses if all breeds failed to catch up to border collies within 13 years, the time frame of No Child Left Behind.

James Fulford writes: In a column recently I mentioned that Jonah Goldberg "once denounced the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show as 'racist'." Part of his point was that breeders were breeding for appearance, rather than function, so that, for example, breeders breeding for narrower skulls have managed to produce, after years of work, a dumb collie.

As for the NCLB, it was passed in 2001, in the pious hope that all the school children in America would achieve "proficiency" by 2014. It can't expect all racial groups to achieve the same level of proficiency, though. Steve Sailer has written

"The plain fact is, however, that nobody has a clue how to eradicate the racial gap—short of hitting the white and Asian kids on the head with a ball peen hammer."

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