A Reader Says That Pandering Will Never Work For The GOP: Dems Will Always Outpander
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Re James Fulford’s article White Share Update: BOSTON GLOBE’s Renee Loth Wrong On “The GOP’s Demographics Problem”—Romney COULD Win With The White Vote, He Just Hasn’t Tried

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

In trying to counter Renée Loth’s  typical  arguments that the GOP should go weak on immigration in order to attract Hispanics, I think James Fulford missed two compelling approaches that our side should take:

1.) It's more effective to explain mathematically why pandering to minorities will always fail for the GOP. We normally explain our position on past experience alone ("Oh, those minorities will never vote Republican so why bother pandering?") but that is an ineffective counter-argument as it causes too many to erroneously think that if we could only pander better we might someday win.

The mathematical explanation? Say the Democrats pander by offering to add 400 points to the SAT scores of every minority for college admission and let in 4 million new immigrants each year. What Loth is arguing is that Republicans should meet the Democrats half-way, keeping its base but attracting more minorities by offering maybe 200 points and 2 million immigrants each year.

But any minority who bases his vote on pandering is going to grab the whole 400 points / 4 million new immigrants, so you won't get any of those votes. Instead you end up dispiriting non-open border whites and minorities, reducing rather than increasing the overall GOP vote. [See Steve Sailer’s Roll Over, Dubya! Here Come The Professional Panderers!, May 9, 2004]

2.) By stressing the truth that de facto open-borders immigration hurts Americans of all backgrounds (the fact that it might hurt certain groups less than others due to increased political power does not make up for the overall net minus resulting from overpopulation), the GOP will attract not only more white but also more minority voters.

Discussing the current and upcoming environmental and budgetary disasters (i.e., "the day the EBT cards no longer work") that result from overpopulation will resonate with minorities as well, especially over time as those disasters become realized. Indeed, what's most brilliant about the Sailer Strategy is that not only do you get more whites by arguing the right principles, you get more minorities as well.

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