A Texas Reader Jokingly Suggests A Preemptive Surrender Of The Term "Foreigner"
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From: Gerald Martin (e-mail him)

I had to laugh when I read James Kirkpatrick’s latest article, "There's No American Foreign Policy Because There's No America." Especially when he says, "To have a foreign policy, there has to be recognition that there is such a thing as a foreigner."  Precisely.  Isn't it time we threw this tired old xenophobic term down the memory hole? Isn't using "foreigner" in polite company (even VDARE.com) a form of hate speech?

Let's get ahead of the power curve (and the Thought Police) for once and replace foreigner with what our elites see whenever they (probably reluctantly) use this term: “American in Waiting “or  “Coming Soon to a Resettlement Center Near You.”

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James Fulford writes: In fact,Americans In Waiting really is the title of immigration enthusiast Hiroshi Motomura’s  book on immigration. Motomura [email him] wrote a particularly nasty review of Alien Nation, with 124, which told me more about what he thought about than most people needed  to know. See my post Hiroshi Motomura's Review Of Alien Nation 14 Years Later.

P. S. “Foreigner!”


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