A Texas Reader Jokingly Suggests A Preemptive Surrender Of The Term "Foreigner"
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October 14, 2012, 04:33 AM
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From: Gerald Martin (e-mail him)

I had to laugh when I read James Kirkpatrick’s latest article, "There`s No American Foreign Policy Because There`s No America." Especially when he says, "To have a foreign policy, there has to be recognition that there is such a thing as a foreigner."  Precisely.  Isn`t it time we threw this tired old xenophobic term down the memory hole? Isn`t using "foreigner" in polite company (even a form of hate speech?

Let`s get ahead of the power curve (and the Thought Police) for once and replace foreigner with what our elites see whenever they (probably reluctantly) use this term: “American in Waiting “or  “Coming Soon to a Resettlement Center Near You.”

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James Fulford writes: In fact,Americans In Waiting really is the title of immigration enthusiast Hiroshi Motomura’s  book on immigration. Motomura [email him] wrote a particularly nasty review of Alien Nation, with 124, which told me more about what he thought about than most people needed  to know. See my post Hiroshi Motomura`s Review Of Alien Nation 14 Years Later.

P. S. “Foreigner!”