Unmentionable Political (=Racial) Economy Of Obama Stimulus
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A powerful post by Hunter Wallace on the Occidental Dissent blog analyzes the political (strictly speaking, racial) economy of the near-trillion dollar Obama stimulus package. Unlike FDR's Depression-era WPA (which, amazingly, it dwarfed in inflation adjusted terms), the Obama stimulus has not produced visible infrastructure results because, Wallace argues, looking at the microcosm of Alabama,

It turns out that 39.79 percent went to health and human services, 18.13 percent to education, 17.76 percent went to workforce, 12.77 percent went to transportation and infrastructure, 2.2 percent to housing, 4.7 percent to public safety, 2.47 percent to energy, and 2.17 percent to environment....

Unlike the New Deal, that is why Obama’s “stimulus package,” which was 4.5x the size of FDR’s spending on the WPA, is simultaneously wildly unpopular and yet completely invisible to ungrateful White people in Alabama.

It is because the lion’s share of the “stimulus package” was channeled directly to African-Americans in the form of EBT cards, Medicaid, TANF welfare, Section 8 housing, and unemployment benefits.

This sort of analysis is apparently unmentionable in the MSM. But it explains, of course, why the Tea Parties are, legitimately, a white "implicit community"—and why "cutting spending" is such an explosive issue: American government is disproportionately for (and by) blacks.

Diversity is Strength! It's also...fiscal gridlock

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