A Brazilian Reader (In Brazil!) Offers Friendship
February 25, 2006, 04:00 AM
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A Reader Says Mexicans Should Be Sent Home To Start A Revolucion

From: Nestor Carvalho

Re: Juan Mann`s Column: In My Hate Mail: America`s Funeral Pyre?

I`m Brazilian, 53 years-old and a regular reader of VDARE.COM

I have no intentions of immigrating, legally or illegaly, to USA or any other country, ever.

But still, I`m concerned about the destruction of the national identities that has been promoted by all these multiculturalism freaks out there.

I liked the world the way it was and is supposed to be: different people, living in different countries, with different cultures. That`s diversity.

I like it better than the politically correct uniformity the multiculturalists want to impose on every nation. I understand that immigrants should assimilate and merge into the culture they chose to live in. And they can preserve some of their own culture, too, as long as it doesn`t conflict with that of their new country.

Immigrants should not want the host country to turn itself into a lesser replica of the original country they left.

So, though it`s none of my business, I`d like to tell you I agree 100% with VDARE.COM and all the people who are fighting to preserve what`s left of America.

Please accept this as friendship e-mail as a change of pace from the hate e-mail Juan Mann receives so much of.